A New Prime Minister!


former mayor of the capital, Edi Rama, was elected the next prime minister.

The senior expert election staff at the Diber office of DudeWheresMyGomar  has declared that, in the 2013 Albanian parliamentary election, The Socialist-lead coalition has won a majority and defeated the Democratic Party lead coalition which had been in power for 8 years.

With 75% of votes counted, the PS (Socialist Party) Coalition has 726k votes and the PD Coaliton 500k. This is in accordance with most polling before the election. Sali Berisha, current Prime Minister and PD Coalition leader, seems to have won the majority of seats in Parliament only from his home county of Kukes in the north.

In our expert opinion, this election has been the cleanest, clearest, and most orderly in Albania’s history. The large difference in votes should make the transition easy as the losing coalition does not have legitimate grievances about the legitimacy of the election as they have had in every previous election.

The staff at DudeWheresMyGomar would like to congratulate the Albanian people on this election which reflects well on their potential as a member of the European Union.


To read about all the incidents reported on TV news that occurred during election day, read here or the read the summary here.

To read about what this will mean for me as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania, click here.

To read about the election politics in Albania and the candidates, click here.


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