The People’s Comedy: Communist Humor on Reddit

Reddit is the self described “front page of the internet” and that isn’t far off the mark. It consists of various “subreddits” on each and every topic imaginable, and here are my 3 favorite related to communism.

First on our tour is /r/communism  where actual living modern communists discuss reactionaries, the revolution, and, in true communist style, whether voting should even be allowed on the subreddit.  Its a pretty heady subreddit although it seems that the user base may not have  read a news story since Sputnik. Unlike the others, it is purely unintentionally funny.


plenty of “are you serious?” moments are to be had in /r/communism. you maybe surprised to learn these people exist.

Second on our tour is /r/communistdating where Marxist redditors hope to achieve class consciousness with a special someone.



This revolutionary subreddit even covers more physical aspects of the “People’s Congress.”


The third and final stop on this tour is /r/comradesgonewild where you can find topless photos of Castro, pics featuring Enver Hoxha’s junk, and Lenin in a wig looking rather dapper. Even Yugoslavian revisionists must admit that the dictatorship of the proletariat never looked so good.



Remember folks, you have nothing to lose but your chains…of love. Happy International Labor Day!


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