Albanian grammar and how to talk about Kosovo


In honor of Today’s being Kosovo’s Independence Day, this post will teach you how to say Kosovo in Albanian.

The name Kosovo in English looks the same as the albanian word but is pronounced differently. In Albanian, the stress is on the second syllable (ko-SOV). Also, in Albanian you have to change noun endings based on the word’s role in the sentence much more than in English. See Below

Indefinite Kosovë

Niveli i papunësisë është 45% në Kosovë.

The unemployment rate is 45% in Kosovo.

ethnic albania superimposed on modern borders

Nominative definite/Subject of a Sentence Kosova

Kosova ishte një krahi e Republikës Socialiste Federale të Jugosllavisë.

Kosovo was a region of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

Direct Object/Accusative Kosovën

98 Shtetet e Kanë Njohur Kosovën.

98 Countries have recognized Kosovo.

Genitive/Dative (Indirect Object)/Ablative: Kosovës

Prishtina është kryeqyteti e Kosovës.

Prishtina is the capital city of Kosovo.

Bashkimi Europian do i jepë Kosovës 203 million euro në 2011 deri 2013.

The European Union will give Kosovo 203 million Euro from 2011 to 2013.

Thats it! Most of the female gendered nouns are formed the same way as Kosova.

Kosovo is easy to remember because there is only one Kosovo and you will never have to worry about using the plural forms:)

To read more about Kosovo’s recent history, click here


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