Albanian Music Videos: Best Drinking Game Ever?

Although a country of only 3 million and an ethnic group of perhaps 5 million, Albanians have a very active music industry and a distinctive style of music. The style of music ranges between folk music to modern western pop music with a great deal of mixture in between.

I have about 30 cable TV channels at my house, one of which is Folk+ which plays only Albanian music videos. With Albania’s 100 year anniversary fast approaching, there is no shortage of nationalism.  These visionary videos definitely have their own motif and feature a number of tropes that lend themselves to the point of this blog post: The Drinking Game…

Take One Drink when you see/hear:

  • slow motion
  • castles
  • the Albanian flag
  • impossible hair
  • obviously shot in Tirana (the capital city)
  • video is set in a dark room with smoke or a spotlight or curtains flapping in the background
  • the words “shpirt” (means spirit but has many meanings) or “zemer” (heart)

Take Two Drinks when you see/hear:

  • mention of Kosovo or Chameria
  • You understand much of the lyrics
  • Grandparents/elderly people
  • weddings/brides

Finish your drink:

  • old people drinking Raki
  • you find yourself singing along unintentionally
  • you feel more strongly about Kosovo than you ever thought possible

Now that you know the rules, turn on your TV, grab a beer, and start playing at your next party. For those of you not in Albania, here is a sampling of my favorite albanian music videos to get the night started!

Warning: DudeWheresMyGomar (DWMG) promotes drinking responsibly. User discretion is advised as their are so many people running in slow motion with flags on castles! DWMG is not responsible for any unintended defacto marriage engagements or blood feuds.

Nationalistic Videos:

General Pop Videos

“Dude, youre making fun of albanian music videos!” No Im not. Ok, maybe a little but I love these videos and watch them everyday. Lighten up.


One response to “Albanian Music Videos: Best Drinking Game Ever?

  1. I don’t believe I have ever seen someone struggle so hard to pick up ice cubes. Oh the torture!!! She put the ice cubes there herself!!!

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