This is the first blog post for Dude Wheres My Gomar? (DWMG) and I decided to start it off right with pictures of baby donkeys. I never really met a donkey before moving to Albania and had no idea how cute they can be! Now that I live in Albania’s forgotten mountain realm I see them on a daily basis and for this I am thankful.

Oh, and before I forget, gomar is the albanian word for donkey.  Gomar is one of those albanian words that for whatever reason is used by the english speakers that live here.  Furgon (intercity van) is another one that comes to mind. Mire, bukur, Shume (good, beautiful, very/a lot) all make there way into english conversation here which can be confusing for our english speaking visitors!

Ciao and Kalofsh mire!

click for more pics


One response to “OMG CUTE EXPLOSION!!! >_<

  1. Living in an Albanian village, under your very favorable circumstances is a blessed opportunity.
    A Donkey, as an animal being, does not have a very good reputation in Albania, as you might have noticed yourself.
    There is this lovely movie in Youtube that has a Donkey as its main character, a real and serious movie, but a bit conventional:

    Great pics. !

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